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Friday Night Prayer Meeting Group in College Park's Journal
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Friday Night Prayer Meeting Group in College Park's LiveJournal:

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Thursday, April 27th, 2006
8:35 pm
Anyone up for meeting tomorrow?
Thursday, March 30th, 2006
8:55 am
Prayer meeting tomorrow?
Thursday, March 9th, 2006
1:32 pm
I'll definitely need all the praying I can get, but there's no way I can host the meeting this week. Anyone want to have the meeting tomorrow?
Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
11:40 am
Shall we meet this friday?
Thursday, January 26th, 2006
5:50 pm
So shall we start up again for the semester?
Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
1:09 pm
So... caroling? Friday? Anyone? Or will you all be exam'd out?
Thursday, December 1st, 2005
3:07 pm
Anyone up for a prayer meeting tomorrow night? Location is flexible.

(Correct answer: yes)
Monday, November 28th, 2005
5:29 am
Anyone want to go Christmas caroling on Dec. 16th (Friday night)?
Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
3:43 pm
So as only two or three people besides me are coming, let's have it at my house. Especially since this means I can start drinking my cider now, without having to worry about it leaking in transit. (:

I have cider, green beans, squash, and pasta. If anyone coming has anything they want besides that, go ahead and bring it.

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
9:54 pm
So....we've been variously out of town for the last couple weeks -- let's get a few more prayer meetings end before January arrives.

Friday night, seven, student union in front of the co-op?
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
12:30 pm
Remember that campout I suggested?
Well, that would be this weekend!

Is anybody still on?

Ok, never mind. Is anyone coming to the prayer meeting, at least?
Thursday, October 13th, 2005
5:35 pm
Location...Location..Location is everything
Location of Prayer Meeting: My Place
Time: 7pm or whenever you arrive
Bring: food and yummy treats
Well it looks like Location is everything. Pray meeting is going to be at my place this week. Let the praise and food be bountiful. Heather will be comming late but she plans to be there for part of the time. Looking forward to seeing you all again.
Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
8:27 pm
Location of Prayer Meeting to be determined....if you want you can come over to my place.
I will be at prayer meeting this week for the first time in a long time. I am planning on bringing cooked carrots and am thinking of making organic mac and cheese from a box since I have no time to go shopping. If held at my house, drinks will be needed.
Thursday, October 6th, 2005
5:26 pm
Missing Friday Prayer again but this time to go to Spellman House with people from the CSC to hang out with really cool eldery people. Have fun praying and singing. I hope to be back sometime soon to Friday Prayer, I just have been busy lately.
6:43 pm
So...who can bring stuff?

I got some unpasteurized apple cider, and I'll bring a salad, and I'll bring some okra and eggplant. I can come up with more, if necessary. I'll also bring a green pumpkin pie, because Daina says it's possible.
Tuesday, October 4th, 2005
5:37 pm
Next Meeting
Last week went pretty well with being in front of the co-op, so let's do it again.

Only this time, preferably with more than two people!

I'll post about the menu on thursday, after the market.

7:00 Friday, in front of the co-op!
2:01 pm
Friday Oct. 7
I have a new song to teach to whomever I may. Sonia and I are coming down to the College Parkish area at 7 p.m. on Friday, possibly bearing food. I do hope we have someone to teach songs to.
Thursday, September 29th, 2005
5:27 pm
Just a reminder that Heather will not be at prayer meeting, I can't remember the reason why. I am not going to be able to come either, like my reply said I should be at confession as long as I make it down to DC. The both of us will be away but I hope that you can be twice as loud for us. I will attending prayer meeting in soul not in body. Pray that my confession goes well since it will be a first in a long time. Sing with emphasis and pray with confidence. Don't forget to pray and think about all your sins, remember that no one is perfect but God will understand
3:42 pm
Ok; I will bring:

Fried Okra
2 Liters of Apple Cider
Pumpkin Pie

Who else can bring stuff?
Tuesday, September 27th, 2005
6:24 pm
Let's meet on friday at 7:00 in the Union, right outside the Co-op, which closes at 7, so we should have the tables and such pretty much to ourselves, and I like run-on sentences.

I'll figure out later in the week what food I'll bring.

For anyone who wanders in to this community randomly, you're welcome to come join us! We eat dinner (if you bring something, that would be good. If you don't bring something, that's just fine. It generally works out ok.), and then go off somewhere and sing and read the Bible and such for a while.
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